Self Reflection

There comes a time in everyone’s life that they reach a point. A point where a shift is required, whether that be personal or professional. A shift that is yet unknown to you. This point in your life may seem unmanageable, overwhelming/underwhelming, or down-right out of control-scary. 

Welcome to my 2019. January I finally admitted to myself, with the help of a few folks, that I was disabled and needed help. Through a total hip replacement and hours of rehab, not to mention the SIGNIFICANT reduction of physical pain and discomfort, I decided to further my education by applying for the MACP (Master of Counselling and Psychology). I needed something to do while I was figuring out the rest of my life… I did A LOT of cloud-shovelling, dreaming, fantasizing while I did my endless rehabilitation work. It is incredibly humbling when you need to teach yourself how to walk up and down stairs properly or get on your beloved bicycle for the first time in 7 years. One question that became a mantra of mine, during this period was ‘what type of life do I want to lead?’

Well, I learned that I want to lead an authentic life that allows me to do what I do best – help people. The best way I can help is through education, consultation, or counselling.

When I started my master’s program I struggled terribly with feeling like a fraud – hello Imposter Syndrome!  – as my classmates were actively employed in some sort of “helper” field already and I was in Financial Services. Hrm. As the program progressed, I learned that I needed to draw upon my experiences to somehow reconcile all of the new knowledge that I was shovelling into my head. I am SO glad that I did.

Fast forward 6 months, countless essays later, COVID brings the world to a halt. For a brief window of time, we all were suspended in a strange point in time where nothing made sense, to anyone. The markets didn’t know how to act, everyone learned about (and the importance) of supply chains, and all of a sudden, our lives were forced to shift. It was a scary time, and still is for some and I can appreciate that.

This was the point in which I shifted as I recognized that some of my friends, family, and acquaintances were at their respective ‘points’. I took a deep breath and shifted through offering a ‘non-judgemental’ ear if folks needed one. I sent emails, made phone calls, and listened. 

Here is what I have learned, so far… Financial advisors and adjacent professions (CFP, Insurance) are in a unique position as they have a duty of care to ensure they manage their clients’ financial affairs appropriately, requiring these individuals to really know and understand their clients. This is an ongoing relationship and as we have learned in recent years, life happens fast. Priorities change. Relationships change. Risk’s change. 

Shift happens.

People (and maybe that includes you) are stressing you out.

So let’s do something about it. I help finance professionals like you solve business problems that involve people. You’ll learn why your clients do what they do, why you react the way you do and how to handle it all with less stress, less risk and more revenue. Yes, that’s how counselling and CE credits can impact you.

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