why i became a therapist

Self Reflection

I have often said ‘life is funny’ in how and where you end up in life. Growing up, being a therapist was not on my list of things I wanted for a career. Starting post-secondary, I wanted to be an accountant. (This is actually VERY funny if you know me…)

why now

So why a therapist now at this point in my career? Well, there were loads of internal and external factors that facilitated the creation of Point.Shift that I have previously written about. Then I read Duncan’s (2021) article about the ‘Why’s of choosing this as a career and things became a little clearer.

Over 6000 therapists noted that the reason they do what they do is that “connecting deeply with clients and helping them to improve” (Duncan, 2021) due to it satisfying our inner values. This resonates strongly with me. Throughout my years teaching advisors I always held the position that learning requires more than a PowerPoint deck and a talking head – it requires respect for the learner, their perspectives and knowledge, along with providing a safe space to engage, reflect to solidify their learning. The same applies to being a therapist – except it’s called a therapeutic alliance.

helping isn’t the same for everyone

Helping looks differently for everyone. I learned this (and am continually reminded) through my volunteer work within the community. Some days it’s a conversation or a non-judgmental ear, maybe a course to learn new skills. Regardless of what is required, growth requires learning, which is why I have focused on the behavioural side of financial services. Utilizing my psychotherapy skills with my love of being an educator, mixed with my experience in financial services was all that I needed to offer help.  As a professional, your obligations and pressures are unique to you. I understand that. 

why ‘Solutionist’?

I branded myself a ‘Solutionist’ because I want to help people but because this can take many different forms – such as therapy, education, or bearing witness to an individual – it just kinda fit. According to the Urban Dictionary (nd), a Solutionist is an individual you hire out to help you find a solution to your problem. 

I am here to help.

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People (and maybe that includes you) are stressing you out.

So let’s do something about it. I help finance professionals like you solve business problems that involve people. You’ll learn why your clients do what they do, why you react the way you do and how to handle it all with less stress, less risk and more revenue. Yes, that’s how counselling and CE credits can impact you.

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