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There comes a time in everyone’s life that they reach a point. A point where a shift is required, whether that be personal or professional. A shift that is yet unknown to you. This point in your life may seem unmanageable, overwhelming/underwhelming, or down-right out of control-scary. 

Inside the Point Shift blog you'll find helpful articles and tips as you navigate this point in your life. Be sure to reach out for your complimentary consultation or with any questions you have.



The Shift


Aug 11

Over the past few years, I have been steadily working towards creating the life I want to lead. Not only does this involve figuring out where to live, what work will look like, and what relationships will look like. This is big stuff. Huge, in fact. Did I mention it is really hard? And painful.  […]

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Aug 9

Well, as my first post I felt that there was a lot of pressure and expectation to get the title just right and that fact will be the subject of my first post. Let’s talk about the word “should” and other fallacies that we use in our everyday lives, or also known as cognitive distortions.  […]

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