CE compliance training, consulting + counselling for financial advisors

CE compliance training, consulting + counselling for financial advisors

I Teach Go-getters How To Get After Their Dreams And Keep It Together

You’re working with people, their lives and this important inanimate object called money and oh boy is it a dream maker, heart breaker and devastator. That’s where I come in as an Ontario counsellor and compliance specialist — helping you process your own behaviours and emotions, and teaching you how to deal with clients and their behaviours too. 

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CE Compliance Training

Practice management consulting

Individual Counselling

I built hands-on, collaborative programs so you can get your credits without getting bored. Workshop-style, virtually or in-person, and customized to your needs, get back to the office with training that makes a difference.

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Feel like your mojo is off? Come to me and we’ll pave the way for more space, stability and structure with practice management consulting that focuses on people, behaviours and stress.

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Forward-facing, judgement-free and catered to you, I offer counselling in a comfortable, solution-focused environment so you can start to feel less overwhelmed and more in control of what you choose to do next.

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Time away from the office is money, so let’s get you these credits in a way that you can actually put to good use. Improve your bottom line, reduce risks and identify opportunities with a hands-on learning experience in a collaborative environment that is anything but dull. 

CE Compliance training

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Strike down that panic-stricken feeling with solutions-based counselling. You don’t have to feel like this and you can get back on that horse. We’ll leverage your potential and desire for change in a non-judgemental environment.

Individual Counselling

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Gain clarity, reduce stress and grow your business with a practice management consultant. Together, we’ll focus on the human capital of your business — identifying who we’re talking to, who you’re working with and how we can bolster your team in a constantly shifting market. You’ll learn the skills to better deal with clients, work amiably with business partners or investors, and handle your own stressors without feeling like you’re about to collapse from the weight of it all.

Practice Management Consulting

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So you can recalibrate and take care of what matters with a solutions-focused approach

With me, you can count on a laid back, no-lollygagging style that gets to the bottom of what’s tearing you up. No nonsense, just honesty, humor, a holistic approach and the methods that are proven to work. I regularly use the following therapeutic modalities— solution-based (SFBT), dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR).


Frequently Asked Questions

Most counselling sessions are held virtually in a secure portal. 

I’m a Registered Psychotherapist - Qualifying with a license to practice in Ontario and unregulated provinces. Most insurance companies will cover my counselling and mindfulness services. Check your policy.

After spending 20 years working in compliance in the brokerage industry, this was where I felt called to serve. That being said, I am more than happy to consider working with you if you’re outside of this niche.

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Let’s figure out what the issue is so you can get back to life without the stress. 

Feeling stuck, overwhelmed or downright out of control is hard to avoid in your position and its consequences impact a lot more than just your book of business and bank account. I’ll help you identify the shift that has you feeling on edge, be it something in your life, your client’s life or your business as a whole. You’ll get comfortable with the uncomfortable and gain the mental know-how to take back the reins of your life personally and professionally.

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