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When it comes right down to it, I’m a solutionist. Solutions are my jam. Frustrated with your business partner? I’ve got you. Suddenly dealing with client drama, their families and all the ooey gooey? Have we met? Overwhelmed by the not-so-fun but all-too-necessary compliance? You’re in the right place. With outside-of-the-box skillset in psychotherapy, consulting and compliance, I help finance professionals get through shifts of all kinds so they can live better lives, run better businesses and mitigate risks. You can't separate the person from the business, so let’s start with you.

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Compliance CE training, consulting + counselling for financial advisors


Compliance CE Training

Let’s tackle the problem that is eating you up from the inside out with a focus on where you are now and where you want to be. Get in and out of my office (virtually of course) so you can get out of your own head.

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Keep those licenses current and valid with highly engaging, experiential training that actually makes a difference in your bottom line. You’ll find hands-on applications to help you do what you do, better.

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Practice Management Consulting

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Gain clarity, reduce stress and grow your business with a practice management consultant. I’ll help you identify the shift that has you feeling on edge, be it something in your professional life, your client’s life or your business as a whole. 

Meet Lauren Jeffery

A solutionist for financial advisors and Ontario Registered Psychotherapist 

It took 20 years in the brokerage industry, a masters in counselling and psychology and even a fromager certificate (yes, I love and studied the art of cheese, but don’t ask me to make it!) plus a pandemic to really put my finger on the issue that plagues finance professionals. Your pressures aren’t limited to the market, client goals and brokerage needs. Let’s be honest — life happens. The risks you’re trying to mitigate involve so much more than what your typical CE course addresses. And I’m the kind of person who isn’t afraid of having these weird and difficult conversations (no judgement here!). Which is why, as an educator and mental health professional, I built an entire practice around helping you get through all this funky business.

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People - and maybe that includes you - are stressing you out.

So let’s do something about it. I help finance professionals like you solve business problems that involve people. You’ll learn why your clients do what they do, why you react the way you do and how to handle it all with less stress, less risk and more revenue. 

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