Custom Training Programs For Financial Advisors

Custom-built programs designed to position financial firms for success

The final result? The infrastructure you can lean on to steadily scale your business.

Partner with Point.Shift to build the tailored programs that will equip your financial advisors with practical skills — instilling confidence that directly impacts sales. All programs can be CE-accredited too; usually they’re built that way intentionally from the start to check off that box too.

Engaging. Exacting. Entirely Tailored To Your Firm.

An in-person workshop or virtual session that your advisors will use to gain CE credits without losing valuable time. Because the programs will be spot-on when it comes to your niche, approach, and the very aspects of wealth management you should be known for.

The Method


Carving out custom solutions that will lead to more sales and retention

Providing CE credits within courses that don’t waste time


Equipping your team with people skills that will have more clients knocking on your door

Led by a Registered Psychotherapist who knows how to get your team as excited about results as you are

"Your presentation was great and the managers really enjoyed meeting you. We appreciate the time on the road to come out and help us!"


How it works


An in-depth discovery phase to identify initial goals. 


Develop a unique, unparalleled program that tackles compliance, risk, and high-reaching goals.


With focus on your goals, a well-versed team, and a strategic program to back it up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Advisor Training Programs FAQs

Market research, strategy calls with you or your decision-makers, a creative mockup phase, revisions, and then implementation. We’ve streamlined the process so it takes as little of your time as possible, while soaking up the specific details from our time together to ensure that the training fits your brand, and then helps you achieve your goals.

Lauren spent 20+ years as a wealth management professional. With that network, and a powerful understanding of the financial sector, it’s often C-suite executives, board members, and sales managers that reach out to her. She also consults in the insurance sphere.

This will be quoted based on the sheer number of materials you need, along with the time and expertise that will be dedicated to your project. This is more than creating a course — it’s defining and guiding the significant shifts your firm can take to scale, and you’ll find a level of undivided attention accordingly.

Reach out through the contact form to share your goals and needs with founder and consultant, Lauren Jeffery. She’ll review your key objectives (or what you have as a rough idea at this point) and confirm availability. You’ll receive an email with a request to book a consultation so you can continue the conversation and scope. She’ll prepare a custom proposal with your project dates, and when booked with a contract and retainer payment, the project will begin.

Create wealth. Reduce risks.

Your Firm Can Be The Next Success Story.

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