About Lauren Jeffery

Registered Psychotherapist. Certified Executor Advisor. Professional Fromager. Reiki Master

About Lauren Jeffery

I found my groove helping financial advisors help themselves, therefore bettering their own lives plus the lives of their clients, their families, their partners and everyone down that domino chain.

Around here, we focus on behaviours and feelings — learning how to interpret, work and thrive with them.

Your breaking point

Where are you now and what are you going to do about it?

This point in your life may seem unmanageable and overwhelming, like breaking out in a cold sweat with no idea how to get a hold of yourself. Your train isn’t the first to go off the tracks, but it’s not too late to put out that fire.  

Point Shift

A shift is required, but you don’t know how to manage it. You need someone who will combat this fire with you, bringing the tools and techniques to fix, address or wrap your head around the problem that has you all fired up in the first place. I facilitate this shift.

Shift just get real for you?

Read about the time I needed support most

Life happens and it happens spectacularly

I’m not trying to make everything about the pandemic, but I might just do it anyway. Let’s talk about what life was like for you at that stage. For a brief window of time, we all were suspended in a strange place where nothing made sense to anyone. The markets didn’t know how to act, everyone learned about the importance of supply chains, and all of a sudden, our lives were forced to shift. It was a scary time, and still is for some. As a financial advisor, you were deemed essential during this period, but you had absolutely no support system. Clients were scared. Heck, you were scared. And what was there to keep your head above water? Nothing.
Which is why I chose to do what I do best — help people. And I just so happen to have a love for educating (especially compliance stuff!) and counselling. Pandemic or not, you need support. You need to know how to address sticky situations be it addiction, ethics, compliance or whatever comes down the line.

But You Will Find Every Degree + Certification Necessary

Bachelor's of Education, with distinction (BEd)
Masters of Counselling and Psychology (MA)
Registered Psychotherapist - Qualifying (RP(Q))
Certified Training & Development Professional (CTDP)
Certified Executor Advisor (CEA)
Professional Fromager
Reiki Master

No poker face here

Registered Psychotherapist - Qualifying

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